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Bible Study Video Log

Faith is not about what God can do for us,

It's about what we will do for Him!

Mark Hotchkiss

We need to create a lifestyle that worships God,

Not a god that worships our lifestyle!

Mark Hotchkiss

A fish never sees the fisherman,

Only the bait that he dangles.

Mark Hotchkiss

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Does the Bible support History?

Travel through the pages of history and discover the Legend of the Unknown God.  I use world history to fill in the gaps of the Old Testament, gaining a new perspective on the stories you grew up with.  Learn about a non-Jewish prophet that was executed by his own people for teaching them about this unknown God.  Find out how Cyrus and Darius became the king of Persia and how God used them.  Who was Amel-Marduk and Labashi-Marduk?  The Legend of the Unknown God is a facinating trip through the Bible asking us to evaluate where we stand in our own worship of God.

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About the VLog...

Welcome to Mark Hotchkiss Ministries Bible Studies Video Log. 

Mark Hotchkiss is the author of "Legend of the Unknown God" and the creator of "Sagacity". Mark is an ordained minister through Victory World Missions International Ministry (VWMIM), based out of North Carolina and Calvary Ministries International (CMI), based out of Ohio.

So why did I start doing this VLog?

I have grown up attending church and I fell into the common practice of listening to my sunday school teachers and pastors. You know the scripture, "train up a child in the ways he should go...?" Well, as I got older, I started to realize that I didn't actually know what the scriptures were saying.  I was just repeating what I was told.  In the first video "Biblical Faith, what is it?" I explain about a person that was healed, and some people that weren't.  I began to question what I was taught about miracles.  I came to the realization that I needed to study the scriptures for myself and pray for understanding.

So now I have a lot of notes about things that I feel were taught wrong and I started to share these with people, as well as teaching through VWMIM.  The "Ah-Ha" moment for me to actually create videos came when VWMIM asked me to record videos of my teachings so they could use them in their college.  Then my son suggested doing short 15 min videos.  My son is in the Navy and had just transferred back to the states after 7 years in Japan.  We were driving one day and I had the opportunity to talk to him about this.  He said he had questioned the same things and was happy I shared it with him.  He suggested these videos would be good, because there are probably a lot of others that need to hear these topics in the way that God has shown them to me.

So, in a nut shell... this is why I started this VLog.

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Create a lifstyle that

worships God


Faith is about what

WE will do for God


Fish will never see

the fisherman

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Heat of the Day


As I stood, sitting by my window at the crack of dawn,

Watching the sun set,

I saw a lame man running down the street.

As I looked on, he fell at the falling of the sleet.


My nerves were shattered, the man I knew!

He was the stranger who sat at the corner of Main and Drew.


My feet were like cement, as I fluttered toward the door.

The night was calm, the wind was blowing,

The summer sun was shining,

The sky was snowing.


I forced my way through the heat of the day.


There I stood as I ran toward the stranger.

Nailed to a tree, He could be in danger.

My friend was quiet as he yelled in pain.

The sword in his side had pierced a vain.


The thick flow of blood was watered down.

But did I mind?

Could all of this be possible?

Or am I just Blind?


The weather is unpredictable; the end time is near,

The cost was great, the price was dear.

If I should die in my sins, I then must pay!

Oh, the fire will be hot, in the heat of that day.



By: Mark Hotchkiss

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Thank you for watching &

may God bless you.

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