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Julie Kimball's 1973 Testimony

In 1973, when I was 10 Y/O, I was attending a Sunday night church service at Harvest Time Tabernacle in Grand Blanc Michigan.  The Church is still there today.  On this particular evening, Julie Kimball received a miracle in her body.  I have lost contact with her, but what I do know is that she was attending the church in 1983 when I left to join the Navy.  Below is her story, re-typed word for word (typos included), from her own hand typed testimony.

Below is a link to view, download, or print her typed (1973, no computers, only typewriters) document.

When He Touched Me !!!!

    In November of this year I was told that that I only had six months to eight months to live.  I was another victim of cancer.  For the past six years I have been fighting the battle, one operations after another.  Finally I decided that no matter what I was not going to be operated on again.  This time the doctors found a tumor in my head and another lump in my breast.  When I was told that my time was limited without surgery, I guess like any other human I was scared.  Going to bed at night never knowing if you was going to wake up or not and with headaches that was so severe that you thought that you was going out of your mind.  The first thing that I did was to go south where my folks were to see them what I thought was for the last time.  My mother and Father had always helped me in the past, especially with there prayers.  Mother never stopped praying.  I spent a week down south that was nothing but worry.  When we got back home I had remembered Rev. Mullins from a funeral that I had attended, and enjoyed his sermon.  My aunt attends his church and she had them pray for me over a year ago, and I know that it helped my condition.  I phoned her to see if she would stop by my house and let my husband and I follow her to church.  That next Sunday we attended the Harvest Time Tabernacle.  In the morning service I really enjoyed the service.  Not knowing about the church I just sat and listen.  I had never been to a Pentecostal church in my life, but I knew when I left that I would be back.  That evening we attended the evening worship service.  My headaches grew worse.  In fact I leaned over to my aunt and ask her if she would leave with me, that I couldn't stand the noise with my head hurting like it was, so she motioned for Rev. Mullins to come back to our seat.  In the meantime I had a short prayer.  I said to myself "Lord I came here cause I had no other place to go, but I can't stand the pain".  I had made up my mind that I was going to take a overdose of pills to kill my self when I returned home.  Imaging having pain so sever that when you moved your mouth the pains went thru your head that was so great that you couldn't stand yourself.  When Rev. Mullins came back to my seat he leaned over and said for me to have faith in the Lord, that He would heal my head.  At that moment I felt a jolt in my neck like Rev. Mullins had cracked my neck.  My husband said that I passed out, he thought that I was dead, because he said that he felt to see if I was still breathing.  My headaches was gone when I came to again.  When Rev. Mullins gave the altar call, I went forward.  I was at the alter praying and crying.   All the people in the church was praying for me.  All at once I felt a jolt go up my right arm.  I stopped crying.  I thought that I had put my fingers in a electrical outlet.  The jolt actually knocked me back from the altar.  Still all the people and Rev. Mullins was still praying for me.  When I stood up I knew without at doubt that the Lord had healed me.  At that moment I stopped taking all my medication.  The following week I was examined by my doctor.  They couldn't find anything.  I knew all the time that they wouldn't.  But to satisfy the doctors I went to the hospital to have X-rays.  This last Tuesday, December 18, 1973, I had another series of X-rays, and praise the Lord they were negative.  I also had a ulcer, was a diabetic, had high cholesterol, gout, and very nervous.  For the first time since I can remember I can pass any physical in a-one shape.  No doctor can explain or give me a medical reason, but I had the greatest healer of them all, THE LORD.  My life has changed so much, just to know that I'm going to live and that I can eat anything that I want to eat, and I don't have to ever eat baby food again.  And I thank the LORD each and every day for making all this possible.  All my life I thought that I was saved and that I lived right.  But now I know that I wasn't really save until the LORD touched me that Sunday night.  I feel like that I have been born again like a baby but with an adult mind and body.  And from now on my life will be spent serving the LORD in any way that HE sees fit to use me, no matter what the call might be.  A Christian life in a much happier and better life, and it took deaths roll to open my eyes and see the light.  And thank the LORD that he has wonderful people like the Harvest Time Tabernacle people and Rev. Mullins to help other people that are in doubt or that don't know the LORD, to bring them closer to JESUS, and I thank JESUS that now I'M a part of that family.

                                                                                                                                  Julie Kimball

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