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Mark Hotchkiss

Founder & CEO

Hello, I am the founder of LOTUG Entertainment, LLC and the Creator of Sagacity. I designed and created Sagacity back in 1988 but never had the resources to go any further. So I hid it away for 28 years. I pulled Sagacity out of the closet 4 years ago, and with my brother's help and support we decided to start the process of manufacturing the game. I had just applied for the patent when, two short weeks later, he died of a heart attack. I was taken back by this event, but it is time to push forward. In my logo of Sagacity, I have incorporated a tattoo symbol, the Malin symbol. This is an arrow that comes back on itself, and then again to move forward. It signifies that a person has experienced setbacks, but is determined to move ahead. Every time I look at this logo, I think of my brother, and I am reminded of the bond we had.

The future of LOTUG Entertainment LLC should see more games and more entertainment fun.  What kind is yet to be determined.  We hope, for now, you enjoy Sagacity.

With Sagacity, we are expecting to begin national, and perhaps international, tournaments.  So get your game and start practicing!

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