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How to Play


Before Starting

Players decide what score will determine the winner, before starting. They could choose to play until an alignment is made, playing until the board is filled - highest score wins, or playing up to a certain number of points (for example 10, 20, or 40 points). When choosing the later two options, playing pieces are not removed after an alignment is made. The pieces remain on the board and are used to make more alignments. If the board fills up before you have reached the desired score, clear the board and continue playing, leaving the scoring pins where they are.

Making Alignments

Players take turns placing game pieces on the board in an attempt to align 4 of their pieces in a straight row, either vertically, diagonally, or horizontally. At the same time, players are trying to block their opponent from doing the same.

Computer image Alignments 2.PNG

Types of Alignments and Their Point Value

Single Alignment: 4 of your pieces in a straight row. Worth 1 point.

Double Alignment: Two, 4 piece alignments completed with a single play.     Worth 3 points

Triple Alignment: Three, 4 piece alignments completed with a single play.      This is also called a Sagacity! Immediately Win, regardless of the                score. A triple alignment is rare and is extremely difficult to set up            when playing a worthy opponent.

double alignment.jpg
Winner Winner.jpg

How to Keep Score

The scoring pin starts on the bottom level, furthest whole to your left. The scoring pin is moved to the right to keep track of points, then moved from the bottom level up to the second, then the third, then the top level (starting each level in the hole to the far left moving to the right).


** The rules above are an overview. Complete and Official Sagacity rules will be sent with each game.

How to Assemble

Sagacity is designed to be easy to assemble and dis-assemble. The poles lock together tightly so you can pick it up and move it without worrying about it falling apart. The thick, high quality material gives the game added stability. 

will not fall apart - smaller file.jpg
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